retreating CNA caseloads

retreating CNA caseloads – CEUs and Assertive Encouragement

For CEUs, 취준 방법 we are now faced with more people than ever before taking online CNA courses. Taking place in virtual classrooms, Amidst the crush of students taking advantage of CEU’s, there is a way to integrate classroom and online instruction- for the student and their instructor. This way, students can pace themselves and work toward their CEU requirements more independently- without sacrificing their current projects, classes or even jobs.

Today, the sheer volume of information on CEUs and Assertive Encouragement is making it difficult for online courses to Minute the instructor. However, the internet has a built in search engine that can handle this volume of information and will deliver a result- after getting the information, a student’s name, even an employee number from the instructor is just a click away. This is an example of how technology can make even the most complex of administrative tasks easier and more accurate.

Even with the volume of information now online, we have begun to see a returning interest in more formal written and online instruction. This is partially caused by the fact that the average student in the US spends approximately 7 hours per week in class (I know everyone says that, but seriously- many students spend much more time in class than that, than they would in the virtual classroom). Much of the lost instruction is caused by the fact that the instructor can’t keep track of students individually. Even worse, imagine a situation where a student rolls a joint and breaks the joint. The instructor can’t credit the student for the exercise, and the rest of the class has to scramble to keep the credit line from deletion.

By establishing a series of simple, self-paced study tasks, CEU instructors can handle the volume of students expected to graduate in a reasonable time frame while still being able to provide reasonable education to each student.

Tasks like these- based on information from Cream and Pursley, 2007 in the Journal of Continuing Education and Technology- allow professors to cater to the individual needs of students while still being able to produce a quality educational experience for the classroom.

Adaptive pacing

One way to combat the “I Need To Meet A deadline” syndrome that colleges and universities are all too familiar with is to use technology to aid in the completion of tasks.

There are many technological tools available to CEU students. Interactive computer games, for example, can help a student learn about how to pace themselves when addressing a large amount of information in a relatively short amount of time.

I just recently finished playing the game “Agentsynthesis” byauthor Eric Hill and ended up marking my PSC exam in the process. I was surprised at how intuitive the game is to play and I got a high score even though I knew virtually nothing about science. Even more surprising was how the game rewarded those who took the time to learn.


The game’s developer, Transmetron, makes games that reward students for engaging with their lessons. This is important to me because I think games like this can motivate students in a huge way. Compared to the boring and time consuming traditional method of instruction, I think games like this hold the potential to educate students in a way that’s both fun and informational.

I recently played a game that simulated an IEP [Personalized Education Program] session. IWITTS trained me in this game, and I think the game offers a way for students to exercise self-worth and get a sense of their competency.

If you have an interest in games and/or the potential to become a teacher, I would look into purchasing IWITTS products. The company offers web-based software and self-paced courses, as well as teacher tools and a free classroom portal. They seem to have a big focus on creating engaging lessons that keep students engaged and help them learn, as well as a lot of other interesting things along with the lessons themselves.

A big part of the appeal of IWITTS products is that they’re fun. While the traditional method of learning can be a chore, games like IWITTS reinforce skills and can therefore be fun.

Whether you want to be an IWB trainer, a tutor, a teacher or just enjoy the challenge of supporting others to learn, web-based learning and video lessons make it possible for you to deliver more value in less time, with less expense and support.